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Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna

Toptech series spiral antennas exhibit an excellent impedance match and radiation pattern control ov

-Good impedance matching and radiation pattern performance in the entire operating frequency band
-Harsh environments stable, reliable work
-Either as a separate antenna assembly or as a feeder for satellite communication reflector antennas
-Wildly used for reconnaissance, directional, remote sensing and parallel installation of aircraft applications like EW system.
Axial Ratio(dB)




Gain (dB)


2.0/1.5 Typ



Size (mm)

Φ x H



Operating Temperature


Model Freq.
Pol Gain Typ(dB) Axial Ratio Max(dB) VSWR Typ Connector Mat.
SL-CBSA 0.5/2-SF 0.5-2.0 Circular -6 3 1.5 SMA-F Al
SL-CBSA 0.8/8-SF 0.8-8.0 Circular 0 3.5 1.5 SMA-F Al
SL-CBSA 1/18-SF 1.0-18.0 Circular 4 3 2.0 SMA-F Al
SL-CBSA 18/40-2.92F 18.0-40.0 Circular 2 5.5 2.0 2.92mm-F Al


You could choice Flange type or connector type, please refer to the Toptech Cataloger, or consult the factory.
Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.