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Discone -type Antenna

Toptech series discone antenna is a kind of broadband omni-directional linearly polarized antenna. O

-Linearly polarized and broadband
-It is light weight, small size, easy to fold and carry,that is suitable for tricky terrain
-The frequency covers 30MHz~27GHz.
-Radio Monitoring
-Secure Communications Systems
Gain. Typ. (dB)

Max: 5







Size (mm)

Φ x H


N-Female / SMA-F

Operating Temperature


Model Freq.
Pol Gain Typ(dB) VSWR Typ Connector Material
SL-DA 0.03/0.5-NF 0.03-0.5 Linear 1 2.5 N-F Al
SL-DA 0.07/1-NF 0.07-1.0 Linear 3 2.0 N-F Al
SL-DA 0.1/4-NF 0.1-0.4 Linear 0 2.0 N-F Al
SL-DA 0.25/1-NF 0.25-1.0 Linear 1.5 2.0 N-F Al
SL-DA 0.8/2-NF 0.8-2.0 Linear 1 2.5 N-F Al
SL-DA 1/8-NF 1.0-8.0 Linear 4 2.0 SMA-F Al
SL-DA 1/18-NF 1.0-18.0 Linear 5 2.0 SMA-F Al


You could choice Flange type or connector type, please refer to the Toptech Cataloger, or consult the factory.
Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement.Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.