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Flexible Twistable Waveguide

Used in requirements where both bending and twisting of the Waveguide is needed.

-Good air tightness
-Lower overall mass and lower profile
- Gas tight joints
-Low insertion loss
-Radar, SATCOM, Aviation, ISM
Frequency (GHz)

up to 18GHz

VSWR (Max)



Max:2.6 Min:0.3


Brass or Copper


Neoprene, silicone,and high conductivity silicone

Operating Temperature


Model EIA WRD Freq.
VSWR Max Attenuation(dB/m) Flange Power Handling CW(W) Material
FT1370030 WR137 5.85-8.2 1.15 0.3 FDP70 20000 Cu
FT1120040 WR112 7.05-10.0 1.15 0.4 FEP84 1200 Cu
FT900045 WR90 8.2-12.4 1.15 0.45 FBP100 960 Cu
FT750065 WR75 10.0-15.0 1.2 0.65 FBP120 750 Cu
FT620095 WR62 12.4-18.0 1.2 0.95 FBP140 400 Cu
FT510100 WR51 15.0-22.0 1.2 1.0 FBP18 200 Cu
FT420125 WR42 18.0-26.5 1.25 1.2 FBP220 100 Cu
FT280120 WR28 26.5-40.0 1.3 2.4 FBP320 75 Cu


You could choice Flange type, please refer to the Toptech Flange Catalogue, or consult the factory. The Flexible twistable waveguide are available in standard lengths as well as customer specific lengths. Length in millimeters.
The Flexible twistable waveguide will hold limited pressure, but relies on the jacket for pressure sealing. It can flexible and twistable both ‘‘E’’ and ‘‘H’’ planes.