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Waveguide HT

Toptech offers a range of high-performance microwave waveguide ET, HT connector products, covering t

-Good unblance
-Lost cost
- Phased array radar, missile guidance, high-gain antenna and power synthesis system
Frequency (GHz)

up to 40GHz

VSWR (Max)





silver/gold/nickel/ passivation conductive oxide and the like

Operating Temperature


Model EIA WRD Freq.
VSWR Flange N. W. Material
WH260396 WR284 2.6-3.95 1.5 FDP32 0.65 Al
WH8201240 WR90 8.2-12.4 1.5 FBP100 0.16 Al
WH10001500 WR75 10.0-15.0 1.5 FBP120 0.15 Al
WH10701275 WR75 10.7-12.75 1.5 FBP120 0.1 Al
WH12401800 WR62 12.4-18.0 1.5 FBP140 0.1 Al
WH18002650 WR42 18.0-26.5 1.5 FBP220 0.24 Cu
WH22003300 WR34 22.0-33.0 1.5 FBP260 0.16 Cu
WH26504000 WR28 26.5-40.0 1.5 FBP320 0.1 Cu


You could choice Flange type, please refer to the Toptech Flange Catalogue, or consult the factory.
Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.