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WG to Coaxial Adapter-Double Ridge End-launch

Toptech’s coaxial products are built to exceed your exacting quality requirements for superior perfo

-Cover a frequency range form 0.84GHz to 40.0GHz
-Low insertion loss
-Working as an efficient transition between waveguide and coaxial connectorr.
Freq. Range(GHz)

up to 40G



Operating Temperature


Model EIA WRD Freq.
VSWR Max Con Flange Material
DRE84200NF WRD84 0.84-2.0 1.3 N-F FPWRD84D24 Al
DRE200480NF WRD200 2.0-4.8 1.3 N-F FPWRD200D24 Al
DRE200480SF WRD200 2.0-4.8 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD200D24 Al
DRE260780NF WRD250 2.6-7.8 1.3 N-F FPWRD250D30 Al
DRE260780SF WRD250 2.6-7.8 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD250D30 Al
DRE350820NF WRD350 3.5-8.2 1.3 N-F FPWRD350D24 Al
DRE350820SF WRD350 3.5-8.2 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD350D24 Al
DRE475110NF WRD475 4.75-11.0 1.4 N-F FPWRD475D24 Al
DRE475110SF WRD475 4.75-11.0 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD475D24 Al
DRE580160NF WRD580 5.8-16.0 1.3 N-F FPWRD580D28 Cu
DRE580160SF WRD580 5.8-16.0 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD580D28 Cu
DRE650180NF WRD650 6.5-18.0 1.3 N-F FPWRD650D28 Cu
DRE650180SF WRD650 6.5-18.0 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD650D28 Cu
DRE750180NF WRD750 7.5-18.0 1.3 N-F FPWRD750D24 Cu
DRE750180SF WRD750 7.5-18.0 1.3 SMA-F FPWRD750D24 Cu
DRE110265SF WRD110 11.0-26.5 1.4 SMA-F FPWRD110C24 Cu
DRE180400KF WRD180 11.0-26.5 1.3 2.92mm-F FPWRD180C24 Cu


You could choice Flange type, please refer to the Toptech Flange Catalogue, or consult the factory.
Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.