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WG to Coaxial Adapter-Double-Ridge

Toptech microwave distributes waveguide to coaxial and coaxial adapters for use with TWT and Solid S

-Cover a frequency range form 0.84GHz to 40.0GHz
-Low insertion loss
-Working as an efficient transition between waveguide and coaxial connectorr.
Freq. Range(Ghz)

up to 40G





Net Weight approx.(Kg)


Operating Temperature


Model EIA WRD Freq.
VSWR Flange Connector Material
WCADR84NF WRD84 0.84-2.0 1.3 FPWRD84D24 N-F Al
WCADR200NF WRD200 2.0-4.8 1.3 FPWRD200D24 N-F Al
WCADR200SF WRD200 2.0-4.8 1.3 FPWRD200D24 SMA-F Al
WCADR250NF WRD250 2.6-7.8 1.3 FPWRD250D30 N-F Al
WCADR250SF WRD250 2.6-7.8 1.3 FPWRD250D30 SMA-F Al
WCADR350NF WRD350 3.5-8.2 1.3 FPWRD350D24 N-F Al
WCADR350SF WRD350 3.5-8.2 1.3 FPWRD350D24 SMA-F Al
WCADR475NF WRD475 4.75-11.0 1.4 FPWRD475D24 N-F Al
WCADR475SF WRD475 4.75-11.0 1.3 FPWRD475D24 SMA-F Al
WCADR580NF WRD580 5.8-16.0 1.3 FPWRD580D28 N-F Cu
WCADR580SF WRD580 5.8-16.0 1.3 FPWRD580D28 SMA-FF Cu
WCADR650NF WRD650 6.5-18.0 1.3 FPWRD650D28 N-F Cu
WCADR650SF WRD650 6.5-18.0 1.3 FPWRD650D28 SMA-F Cu
WCADR750NF WRD750 7.5-18.0 1.3 FPWRD750D24 N-F Cu
WCADR750SF WRD750 7.5-18.0 1.3 FPWRD750D24 SMA-F Cu
WCADR110SF WRD110 11.0-26.5 1.4 FPWRD110C24 SMA-F Cu
WCADR180292F WRD180 18.0-40.0 1.5 FPWRD180C24 2.92mm-F Cu


Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.