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WG to Coaxial Adapter-Right Angle

-Cover a frequency range form 0.32GHz to 110.0GHz
-Low insertion loss
-Working as an efficient transition between the rectangular waveguide and coaxial connector

up to 110GHz


Max:1.6 Min:1.25

I.L.(dB) Max

Max:1.2 Min:0.09



Operating Temperature


Model EIA WR Freq.
VSWR Flange Connector Material
SL-975-N-F WR975 0.75-1.12 1.25 FDP9 N-F Cu
SL-650-N-F WR650 1.12-1.70 1.25 FDP14 N-F Cu
SL-430-N-F WR430 1.70-2.60 1.25 FDP22 N-F Cu
SL-187-S-F WR187 3.95-5.85 1.25 FDP48 SMA-F Cu
SL-90-N-M WR90 8.20-12.40 1.5 FBP100 N-M Cu
SL-62-N-F WR62 12.4-18.0 1.25 FBP140 N-F Cu
SL-42-S-F WR42 18.0-26.5 1.25 FBP220 SMA-F Cu
SL-28-2.92-F WR28 26.5-40.0 1.3 FBP320 2.92mm-F Cu
SL-19-1.85-F WR19 40.0-60.0 1.5 FUGP500 1.85mm-F Cu<
SL-15-1.0-F WR15 50.0-75.0 1.5 FUGP620 1.0mm-F Cu
SL-12-1.0-F WR12 60.0-90.0 1.5 FUGP620 1.0mm-F Cu
SL-10-1.0-F WR10 75.0-110.0 1.5 FUGP900 1.0mm-F Cu


You could choice Flange type, please refer to the Toptech Flange Catalogue, or consult the factory.
Other values and sizes can be designed to your requirement. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.