TM Quality Knowledge Contest on Jan 16th 2014

To improve product quality and quality management of TM and to create good atmosphere of care and attention to quality, TM holds the 2014 quality knowledge contest on Jan 16th 2014. Total 10 staffs from operation, R&D and sales department take part in the contest. President Guochun Liang, CTO Ji-fu Liang and Operation CEO Guohua xia visit the final scene.

The quality knowledge contest is divided into preliminary and final games and the competition is divided into two links of required questions and quick response. During the competition process, the participating teams closely takes the main line of “customer focus, guidelines of professionalism, integrity and vision and the quality policy of continuously improve processes, products and service”. They also combine the actual production cases, interpreting the significance of quality responsibility is more important than mount tai with full enthusiasm, vivid language and wonderful performance.

Finally after the intense competition, Lu Jun in R&D Department obtained the first prize, Qiaoqiao Zhao, Xiaona Du in quality department obtained the second prize and Hongna Du in production department, Xiangyun Ma in quality department and Bai Bin in sales department obtained the third prize.